The Great Abaci

05 Jul 2016 01:39

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In my home campaign set in Azag-Ithiel, I introduced a new minor god called The Great Abaci. He is worshipped by a taddol named Salso/Ember who runs an alchemy shop called Mercurial Elixirs. The parties helped clear out a catacomb dungeon beneath the town of Nicnfoot and more important Mercurial Elixirs itself.

The Great Abaci
God of Numeracy, Organization, and Trade
Worshippers: mathematicians, the obsessive compulsive, merchants
Alignment: LN
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Travel
Subdomains: Education, Legislation, Trade
Favored Weapon: wushu dart
Favored Animal: khuzdan jackal
Symbol: A silver counting frame with topazes for beads

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