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18 Jul 2016 18:42

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It is the 18th of July so my internet has been reset and I have bandwidth yet again. Which is great because I have a lot of things to work on and bandwidth certainly helps with that project.

So what has been happening?



Things Being Worked On

  • Death Slaves of Eternity (DCC) - Maps are in process, then art, then print form.
  • Dispatches of the Raven Crowking (DCC) - print form in process.
  • Gunslingers of Porphyra - waiting on a piece of art.
  • Vigilantees of Porphyra - waiting on additional text and art. (I need to pay this author when they get back to me with payment details)
  • Overlord (Psychic Class) - additional writing
  • Paths of Power II - introduction, additional writing, final touches
  • 4Saken - on hold until maps from DSoE are done.
  • Gedak's Ethnology: Vultaris - outline
  • Giants of Porphyra - currently in limbo
  • Heroes of the Hinterlands of Kesh - waiting on art
  • Heroes of the Haunted Seas - in queue behind Kesh
  • PDS - Familiar Finery - in edits
  • Maiden Voyage of the Colossus (DCC) - back in edits
  • PsPA: War Mind - additional text
  • Secret Hybrid Class - new writer.
  • Secret Compilation I & II - existing writers

There is quite a lot on the plate but that is good. At no time should I be able to sit around with nothing to do.

When I have nothing to do I work on bad idea projects like my secret alligatomancer.

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