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23 Jul 2016 02:15

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It has been a pretty productive week for me at the Purple Duck Games cave.

We have two new reviews from Endzeitgeist this week.

  1. Kineticists of Porphyra III by N. Jolly
  2. Adventure Avenue: The Still Grotto by Perry Fehr

This has been a big week for releases because I wanted to get a number of things up for sale prior to the Christmas in July Sale kicked off.

  1. We added 22 new pieces of stock art. This brings our total stock art offerings up to 900+ items. I think that makes Purple Duck Games one of the largest stock art providers on the site.
  2. Nathan Reinecke's first product with us: Samurai of Porphyra was also released.
  3. The Tulgorth has been added to the MoP patreon.


  • 4Saken - currently on the hunt for the right cartographer.
  • Death Slaves of Eternity (DCC) - art will be ordered this coming week.
  • Dispatches of the Raven Crowking (DCC) - print form in process.
  • Drow of Prophyra IV - arrive in my inbox this morning.
  • Gedak's Ethnology: Vultaris - outline
  • Giants of Porphyra - currently in limbo
  • Heroes of the Haunted Seas - in queue behind Kesh
  • Heroes of the Hinterlands of Kesh - waiting on art
  • Maiden Voyage of the Colossus (DCC) - back in edits
  • Overlord (Psychic Class) - waiting on a piece of art.
  • Paths of Power II - additional writing, final touches
  • Purple Duck Storeroom - Familiar Finery - in edits
  • Psionic Prestige Archetypes: War Mind - additional text
  • Saurians of Porphyra - commissioned today
  • Secret Hybrid Class - new writer.
  • Secret Compilation I & II - existing writers
  • Vigilantees of Porphyra - art has been ordered.

A lot of forward progress this week. I plan to make even greater strides next week.

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