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10 Aug 2016 02:39

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Today, August 10th, marks the 6th year anniversary of Purple Duck Games and our 6th year at the OBS (Rpgnow/DTRPG) set of stores. Starting off with a subscription for Monsters Unleashed that took years to complete we have amassed huge number of products (1215 by my count this morning) that includes releases for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (purple), Dungeon Crawl Classics (yellow), 4C Superheroes, a single S&W release (black), a couple Labyrinth Lord books, and a massive array of stock art.

To celebrate this day with our fans I have decided to run a number of promotions.

1) For the month of August all our products on Rpgnow will be on sale for 25% off their regular price in PDF.

2) For today only, Lands of Porphyra and Monsters of Porphyra will be released as pay-what-you-want titles, so that you can pick them up for free if you haven’t picked them up in the past and you can leave a donation for them if you wish.

3) Going forward, all of the titles we released in the 1st year of operation will be joining the pay-what-you-want model this includes the following releases:

• 80 Awesome Feats and 2 Crappy Ones
• Antipaladin Feats
• Encounter Pages
• Forgotten Encounters: Forest
• Forgotten Encounters: Underground
• Forgotten Encounters: Urban
• Horrors of the GOW
• Legendary I: Legendary Blades
• Legendary II: Legendary Weapons
• Legendary III: Legendary Items
• Legendary Races: Cyclops
• Legendary Races: Medusa
• Legendary Races: Rakshasa
• Monstrous Races
• Monstrous Races: Second Horde
• Otyughnomicon: Northern Waste Otyugh
• Otyughnomicon: Wyvern Spawn Otyugh
• The Gambler

Now should warn everyone that a lot of the products released in the 1st year were published with MsWord and are ugly, ugly things. That is doesn’t mean there is not good content in it, just that it doesn’t align with our current common look and feel.

As we move into our 6th year you should expect to see:

Unique System

  • 4Saken a new horror roleplaying game that will be demo’d at the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous in Great Falls, Montana in August.

Dungeon Crawl Classics

  • Two new adventures (Death Slaves of Eternity and another from Daniel J. Bishop) and a book on adventure building for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game.

Pathfinder Ruleset

  • 10 Monsters – a basic bestiary line from Derek Blakely.
  • A return of our Adventure Avenue series of short adventures set in the Lands of Porphyra.
  • An expansion of the Heroes of … to include at least two new countries.
  • Drow of Porphyra: The Strivog
  • More class books like Kineticists of Porphyra IV
  • Paths of Power II: Paths of Blood (compilation) released on August 18th.

Stock Art

  • A new subscription of fantasy heroes and villains.
  • As many other pieces of art that I am able to afford.

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate this milestone with us. If you want to contact me about any of our products or have questions for Purple Duck Games, you can reach me at moc.liamg|mkadeg#moc.liamg|mkadeg

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