Running in Mud - State of the Duck

07 May 2016 15:07

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Things are currently very busy in the Purple Duck Games offices. In the fall of this year, I decided to leave my current teaching position at the end of June and seek new employment. Over the years, I have become concerned that I am becoming more stagnant in the job and In need a change in environment to revitalize my teaching. This means I'm currently on the job hunt for new positions and opportunities. The process is going well and has provided a new opportunity as well, as I've started to teach three nights a week at the community college level.

This has a been a good experience for me but it is cutting into my teaching. This additional class means I have 9 more hours of instruction to provide each week, at least 1-2 more hours of correcting, 4 more hours of planning each week, and 6 more hours of commuting. So I'm using about 21 hours of time now that may have previously been "free time" or "Purple Duck Games" time.

Additionally, I'm taking a genetics course via distance ed. to improve my teaching credentials as well.

So my schedule for May/June is very tight. You will probably see very few new Purple Duck Games releases and I may even have to suspend the patreon for these two months. Once I hit July, I will be back to full, traditional summer unemployment (unless I have the opportunity to do more with the community college over the summer) and things will return to a normallish state at that point.

I'm looking at the May long weekend as a potential time to get more product moving. There are a number of things in my queue and that time may be enough to move some forward (most likely completing Monsters of Porphyra II).

On the Commercial Front
N. Jolly's Kineticists of Porphyra series still continues to sell welll especially at Paizo. I've sent print files for Warrior Prestige Archtypes and Prestige Archertypes to my distribution partner. I missed the print call for August releases. I'm thinking to soliciting Unarmed and Dangerous for print in September unless there are other suggestions.

Okay, it is our Emerald Spire game today so I better get the house cleaned up before the gamers arrive.

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